Your Big Idea Will Fail Without This …

No, It’s not Implementation … that’s the obvious answer other people would give you.

A Few Years Ago, I had a Big Idea

While walking around the city in search of a place to work, I noticed how many restaurants were closed during the day. I had an idea that it would be great to repurpose these spaces as co-working spaces during the off hours. The restaurants could install wifi. They could even possibly offer a limited menu service if people wanted to order, or discounts on meals, or happy hour. It would be a great way for restaurants to earn additional revenue from a space that otherwise sees no activity during the day. And it would solve a need that many people had.

  • Who would want or need this?
  • Who would pay for it?
  • How would it work?

I’m Not Bitter… here’s why:

You might expect me to be bitter and resentful. But I’m not at all. In fact, I’m grateful that someone implemented it. Also, I feel validated. Spacious’ early success proves to me that my idea and intuition was spot-on. I knew there would be a market for this, and I was right.

Lesson 1: Ideas Aren’t Enough.

Creative entrepreneurs often stress about not having enough ideas. Here’s the thing: generating ideas is easy. Just walk outside. Look around. Take your head out of your phone long enough to see what goes on in the world. Trust me. You’ll get plenty of ideas.

When it comes to ideas, cultivation comes before implementation

When we jump to implement an idea too soon, we can easily send ourselves down a road of “progress” towards creating something that doesn’t serve our larger mission and purpose. Meeting a goal means nothing if the goal isn’t aligned with your big picture vision.

  • how the idea fits with our bigger picture vision and purpose;
  • whether we want to give our precious energetic resources to it in this moment, and
  • whether this is an idea that is ripe to pursue now

Lesson 2: Our Internal Space is As Important As Our External Space

Spacious offers environments ideally suited to my style of working. But the external space means nothing without the ability to create internal space.

  • which ideas are ripe and ready to bring to form now;
  • which must be nurtured further; and
  • which I can release to the universe for someone else to take it.

Creating Internal Space: A Secret Productivity Hack

Creating the space for this process has had a bigger impact on my productivity than any technology hack or shortcut. I am more productive because I’m no longer trying to create on multiple fronts at the same time. I’ve learned to let go of ideas. Even the brilliant ones. They are just ideas; I will get more.

Lesson 3: Cultivation and Implementation Require Self-Trust

My daily ritual practice, was initially motivated by my desire to create space for my best work: generating ideas and operating from a place of intention, instead of reaction. Over time, that space nurtured something even more essential to my creative process: self-trust.

Self-Trust: Another Secret Productivity Hack

This isn’t on a typical list of productivity hacks, but it should be. Here’s how self-trust has boosted my productivity:

Resilience is a Red Herring

You might be tempted to attribute this to a lack of resilience, discipline, willpower or grit — all the buzzwords of the entrepreneurial age. That’s what I thought, too, until I looked at my life and saw those qualities in abundance in other areas of my life.

The TL;DR Version

I know… you don’t have time to read it all (you would if you gave yourself the space…). Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Ideas are easy to generate, but not enough.
  • The standard advice to “implement” ideas skips a crucial step.
  • We must cultivate our ideas before we begin to act on them.
  • Idea cultivation is a process through which we evaluate whether the idea fits with our vision, is ready, and whether we have the resources to implement it.
  • Creating internal space is crucial for us to learn to hear our inner wisdom and engage in the process of cultivation.
  • Cultivation and implementation require self-trust.
  • Self-Trust is a secret productivity hack.
  • When we silence the pings to create this space, we boost self-trust, productivity and open the door to new ideas. This creates a virtuous cycle.
  • The doubters and the skeptics and the people who ask way too many questions at the mere flash of an idea will always be around. Doubts are like infectious diseases; you must boost your immunity to them.

How Can You Apply This?

Give yourself the space to hear your inner voice. Learn how to listen to your instincts and intuition. Learn how to trust yourself.



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