Why You Must KonMarie Your Year

Moving to a new year is like moving to a new home.

Why We Move Clutter With Us

One reason this happens is that we tend to pack up everything from the old place and move it to the new place. It’s easier to throw everything into the boxes and let the movers handle it.

It’s a waste of energy to take things we don’t need into the next chapter of our lives.

Last year, I got rid of an old printer. This year, I found that I still had the power cords from said printer. I got rid of the cords this time; they don’t need to come with me to wherever I move next.

Here’s what nobody tells you about decluttering

Clearing the stuff out is hard, even when we don’t want what we are discarding.

We cling to what we have, even when we don’t love it, because letting go is painful. Even when what we are letting go is hurting us.

But some change cannot be avoided.

Moving to a New Year is Like Moving to a New Home

You are moving next week, whether you like it or not. Moving to a new year is like moving to a new home.

My Invitation to You

For several years I have led people through a powerful process in which we “declutter” and “pack up” the year before we move to the next year. This year I am so excited to share this process beyond the confines of my NYC communities.

What We Will Do

Think of it as a KonMarie for your year. Before we move into the new year, we will declutter and pack up the current year.

What You Will Get From this Process

Here’s what you can expect to walk away with:

  • You’ll leave riding a wave of confidence and clarity — a stronger foundation from which to build in 2018. 2017 wasn’t as bad as you thought. Don’t think you have successes? I will shine the light to help you see them. Then you can plan 2018 from that success.
  • Enter the new year feeling free of the energy that is dragging you down .You will let go of your disappointments in a way that is healthy and serves you so that you don’t carry the baggage into 2018.
  • Powerful wisdom and lessons from your year. The wisdom is hidden in your biggest and smallest successes, and in your disappointments. It’s like checking the pockets for cash before discarding your old clothes.
  • Easy access to the wisdom in 2018. I’ll show you how to pack it up so that you have it when you need it. This will prevent the pain of repeating the hard-earned lessons.

The Value of this Process

What would your 2018 look like if you planned it from a place of confidence and positivity, resting on the strength of all you did right in 2017, rather than as a reaction to what went wrong?

This is My Gift to You

I am so excited to offer this as my gift to you.



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Renée Fishman

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