Why Does It Matter What I Wear If I Deliver Results?

What does it mean to “dress for success”?

Renée Fishman
5 min readDec 29, 2017


Here’s a truth I’ve discovered.

In the moments we are about to step into our light, a force always comes to pull us back into the dark.

And that force, in my life, usually is a parent.

Last week, I invited a group of women to my home for the first time, for a year-end reflection workshop. My mom showed up like clockwork to try to bait me into falling off the rails.

Today I led my year-end reflection ritual on Facebook Live.
It was a huge step for me. I gave advanced notice to the world.

I even emailed my subscriber list for the first time ever since starting my blog in 2012.

I moved mountains to get out of my own way, trusting that my presence is enough.

The Words of Encouragement

This time it was my dad who stepped up with his “words of encouragement.”

Video broadcasts at uncomfortable for me. My apartment lighting is not great. I don’t have a “real” webcam, etc. I’m really Self-conscious about my appearance in a way that you might not expect if you saw me in real life.

That’s why I stay hidden.

So what “words of encouragement” did my dad deliver this morning, as I stood on the threshold of another big moment?

He sent me a link to a video of someone we know, with a message that said:

“When you do your thing today at 2 pm, make sure you look great. See how Jane* is always put together? Maybe you should attend her workshop to see how she sells herself.”

(*not her real name)

Where our fears come from

Want to know where your fears come from? Want to know the source of your conditioning? It’s closer than you think.

Growing up, my dad was always commenting about appearance:



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