What I Get Out Of Volunteering at Tony Robbins’ Seminars

Serving on the volunteer crew at a Tony Robbins event doesn’t give me facetime with Tony I get something far more lasting.

Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, July 2017.

Success Leaves Clues. So Does Fulfillment.

One of my daily rituals is an evening journaling practice that I created to give me momentum heading into my next day. My Daily Recap™️ is a 5-part framework (backed by science, of course) that helps me capture the essence of the day and take what was great into the next day.

A Snapshot from Unleash the Power Within

As it happens, it was from 4 years ago today — November 8, 2013. It was the first day of Tony RobbinsUnleash the Power Within event in New Jersey. I was serving on the volunteer crew — aka “crewing” the event (FYI, the photo above is from the 2017 UPW in New Jersey, at which I served on the crew).

Brief Context: The Crew Experience

Before I share the journal entry, some brief context:

Daily Recap: 11/8/2013

Yesterday: a 21-hour day that started at 4:30 am. Early workout before crew day started.

My Insights, 4 Years Later

Remember the Journey

I forgot that I had tried to make My Daily Recap a daily practice before I started it in earnest on January 1, 2014. Reading this reminds me that I had tried over that previous summer to integrate this and it didn’t take.

Never Underestimate What You Can Do

Look at all the amazing things I did in that one day. On little sleep. Notice how I wasn’t tired. I was energized by it. I can feel the positive energy of all that I did on this extremely full day. I can feel the love of what I was doing.

Why I Love to Crew UPW

This really captures why I love to crew Tony Robbins events. When people ask me why do you crew? Why would you spend your time and energy to volunteer, without getting paid?

Productivity Isn’t Always Apparent in the Moment

So often, I think “Why did I spend so much time journaling my thoughts instead of doing something more productive with my time?” but this reinforces for me the value in the practice.

Success Leaves Clues. So Does Fulfillment.

Tony often says “Success leaves clues.” So does fulfillment.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Do you have a journaling practice? Is it structured or free-form? Have you noticed the patterns that comprise your best days? Please share. I would love to hear what trends you notice.



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