After the debacle with polls in 2016, why were we so quick to believe again?

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

Four years ago, a large percentage of Americans, and spectators around the world, were shocked by the “unexpected” outcome of the U.S. election.

The outcome was “unexpected” only for those who were locked in the echo chamber of their social feeds and blindly believing the media coverage and the pollsters.

“Time is Running Out”

This is the time of year when the scarcity mindset around time surfaces on both sides.

On one side is the frenzy of winding down the year: frantic, hectic, hustling, rushing.

On the other is the constant messaging asking you how you will “use your time” in the New Year…

The End of Year Rush

Even with my deliberate attempts to slow down, I feel the energy of rushing all around me.

Everyone is trying to fit in everything before the clock winds down. As if the stroke of midnight on Sunday night is the last call for getting on the boat to 2018. …

Renée Fishman

I help busy entrepreneurs create space for their best work and achieve sustainable productivity. The Ritual Revolution™️.

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