After the debacle with polls in 2016, why were we so quick to believe again?

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Four years ago, a large percentage of Americans, and spectators around the world, were shocked by the “unexpected” outcome of the U.S. election.

The outcome was “unexpected” only for those who were locked in the echo chamber of their social feeds and blindly believing the media coverage and the pollsters.

Four years later, it seems we haven’t learned the lessons from 2016. The media once again has hit heavy daily polling results, claiming that this time it’s different.

It’s not different.

Why We Are Tempted By Polling Results

The desire to believe in polls is understandable: uncertainty makes us freak out.

We are wired to need certainty…

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. — Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey explains that seeking real understanding affirms the other person and what they have to say. He’s not wrong on this one.

Every human being desires to feel seen, heard, and understood.

So, how do we create space for this real understanding?

We can ask an effective question.

Why?” is a common default for many of us, and my personal habit. It slices right into to the muscle of motivation and reason; it reveals how people think and what influences them.

But Why? can come across as judgmental…

This is the simple formula for constant and never-ending improvement (CANI) in anything:

  1. do the thing
  2. listen to the feedback
  3. analyze and assess the feedback
  4. adjust and tweak
  5. repeat

The linchpin of this process is the feedback. Doing something repeatedly, without more, will not help you improve. You may get faster at doing the thing, such that you can do more of it within a certain time frame, but your quality won’t necessarily improve.

Here are the three feedback channels that will help you on your path of CANI.

(1) Self-Assessment

The most effective learning is experiential. Cognitive understanding happens in the…

The same wiring that keeps us safe can also keep us small and deplete our confidence. But we can rewire our brain to boost confidence and seize momentum in our success.

We are programmed to look for what’s wrong

There’s something that I see showing up often in the people around me, and within myself: the way in which we tend to cling to the negative feedback and experiences over the positive.

This is our evolutionary wiring. It’s how we survived — and continue to survive — in the physical world. …


For the 595th consecutive day, I hit my mark of walking 10,000 steps. Sometimes, 10,000 comes easily. I live in NYC, and my feet are my car. I walk almost everywhere. And there is always the gym. I can hop on a treadmill or a bike to get a lot of steps in quickly.

But sometimes, I have to work a little harder for the 10,000 steps.

Today, I really worked for it. I earned this one.

I’m staying at a friend’s 40-acre estate outside Orlando. His house has a small gym, but no treadmill, bike or elliptical.

But there…

This is Part 1 in a series sharing my lessons and reflections from 2017.

The Tradition of My Three Words

Since 2011 I have followed Chris Brogan’s tradition of choosing 3 words to guide my year. In the past, I have shared those words publicly on New Year’s Day.

I’m not quite ready to reveal my 2018 words. After leading my year-end reflection ritual twice in the last 10 days of the year, I’m just digging into my personal process. Stay tuned here for the reveal in the coming weeks.

As part of my year-end review, I like to evaluate how my words held up over…

The piece that has shaped my year.

After returning from my workout on the last Sunday in March, during a 3-week break to reconsider my vision for the year and for the next few years, I sat down and started to write. I typed on my iPhone in the DayOne app, a journaling app that houses every aspect of my life from the mundane details of what I did to the deep knowing of my soul.

Over the course of hours, everything unspooled into a massive 8,000-word journal entry.

No thoughts. Only pure emotion.

In my life, all major moments of change have occurred on the “2”…

“Time is Running Out”

This is the time of year when the scarcity mindset around time surfaces on both sides.

On one side is the frenzy of winding down the year: frantic, hectic, hustling, rushing.

On the other is the constant messaging asking you how you will “use your time” in the New Year. Everyone wants to remind you that “we all get the same amount of time.”

The result is that we often feel like we “don’t have enough time.” We often feel like we are “behind” or “can’t catch up.”

Can you relate?

The Prevailing Time Myth in Productivity Circles

The idea that you can’t create time is a…

The End of Year Rush

Even with my deliberate attempts to slow down, I feel the energy of rushing all around me.

Everyone is trying to fit in everything before the clock winds down. As if the stroke of midnight on Sunday night is the last call for getting on the boat to 2018. If you’re not there, sorry, you’ve missed your opportunity to sail into the new year.

I hear it all around me, I see it in my news feed. Panic: I don’t have my goals yet. I’m not ready. I haven’t finished everything.

No other turn of the calendar induces so much…

Here’s a truth I’ve discovered.

In the moments we are about to step into our light, a force always comes to pull us back into the dark.

And that force, in my life, usually is a parent.

Last week, I invited a group of women to my home for the first time, for a year-end reflection workshop. My mom showed up like clockwork to try to bait me into falling off the rails.

Today I led my year-end reflection ritual on Facebook Live.
It was a huge step for me. I gave advanced notice to the world.

I even emailed…

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