3 Sources of Feedback You Must Use to Improve in Anything

Renée Fishman
5 min readJun 8, 2018

This is the simple formula for constant and never-ending improvement (CANI) in anything:

  1. do the thing
  2. listen to the feedback
  3. analyze and assess the feedback
  4. adjust and tweak
  5. repeat

The linchpin of this process is the feedback. Doing something repeatedly, without more, will not help you improve. You may get faster at doing the thing, such that you can do more of it within a certain time frame, but your quality won’t necessarily improve.

Here are the three feedback channels that will help you on your path of CANI.

(1) Self-Assessment

The most effective learning is experiential. Cognitive understanding happens in the mind, but true knowledge is embodied. It comes only from experience. This is why doing the thing you want to improve is a crucial first step.

Studies show that self-reflection and self-assessment can improve performance dramatically. Reflection provides a structure in which to make sense of learning. This helps us take concepts and theories and put them into practice.

When we can critically appraise what we experienced via practice, we can improve ongoing practice by…



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