3 Reasons You’re Missing Out on Incredible Opportunities

They are right in front of you. Why do you keep missing them?

(1) We Aren’t Looking or Listening For The Wisdom

What we see is a reflection of who we are and where we are in our path of development. We can receive only what we are ready to receive.

Lesson: We see what we seek.

To hear or see wisdom we must be actively looking for it and open to receiving it.

(2) Too Much Noise Drowns it Out

You already know about the external noise. We are inundated with marketing messages, fake news, real news, pings from our social feeds, apps, and emails.

Lesson: Wisdom emerges in the silence.

Wisdom speaks in a still, small voice. To hear it, we must create a space of silence and allow it to emerge.

(3) We Run Away From Opportunity

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. — Thomas A. Edison

Opportunities often don’t look, feel, or sound the way we might imagine they would.

Lesson: To see and seize the opportunity, we must be willing to stay.

To see and hear the wisdom, we must be willing to stay with what is in front of us and explore it more thoroughly.

What’s Your Pattern?

Do you tend to be closed off to the possibility? Do you drown yourself in external and internal noise? Do you run away from the opportunity because it looks like work and feels like pain? Or some combination of the above?

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Renée Fishman

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